Tabco Master Agreement 2020

In a Jan. 24, 2020 article in the Baltimore Sun, Sean Naron, a spokesman for the county executive, said the county was « on a significantly stronger tax base than it was a year ago. » The cost of these two equity issues is less than 1/10 out of 1% of the proposed budget. It`s hard to imagine that this board of directors wouldn`t believe that these dedicated employees aren`t worth this investment. Oh, really? That`s enough! We talk endlessly about justice, but do we practice what we preach? It is not a question of justice; This is a matter of discrimination! Each member of the Board of Directors receives an annual scholarship of $7500 for your service to our system. What if you were told that due to tax problems, women would only receive a $1,000 scholarship, but men would receive the $7500 $US. Would that be acceptable? There is absolutely no difference between this scenario and what is offered for school-based administrators. It all starts with a vision. Roger Staubach said: « In all team sports, the best teams have consistency and chemistry. » This is the case of the BCPS team, and CASE welcomes your stated wish (and we hope that they will be in the daily operation of our system after your three Cs, communication, consistency and consistency). The BCPS team. Any organization can be called a team. But to create a successful team, all components of the team need to feel appreciated and respected.