Sap Agreements Archive

The SD_AGREEM archiving object allows you to archive discounts and their terms. This applies to discount agreements with debtors (SD) and discount agreements with lenders (MM/Retail). For more information, see the agreement archiving (SD-MD-AM) . Today, data in systems is growing at hyper levels and data in SAP® ERP systems is no exception. As databases expand in organizations, they increase risk, reduce system power and increase overall operating costs. In the normal IT processing of a company, managing the increasing amount of data becomes increasingly difficult. This growth in data volume poses a risk to the ability of an internal IT organization like Accenture to meet service level agreements. Core Archive for SAP Solutions is run in openText Cloud in an error-resistant and error-tolerant architecture. Two data centers in Europe and North America limit regional content and allow disaster recovery. OpenText data centers offer a secure level of service, availability and quality, with defined service level agreements, tolerant solution design and controlled operating controls.

The MM_EKKO archiving object allows you to archive purchase documents (purchases and delivery plans). For more information, see the archival of the purchase documents (MM-PUR). SAP S/4HANA data that is archived and no longer active or used on a daily basis is stored on the content management system, which has helped Accenture avoid operating infrastructure costs related to memory and premium memory. The associated conditions may have already been archived when the conditions were archived. Framework Agreements Analysis Archived Purchasing Documents. IntegrationThe report BONARCH_REP is executed before billing documents are archived. During the archiving process, the system checks the previously created BONARCH table, so that these billing documents are not archived. You can archive accounts receivable statements with the object of de-dertion SD_VBRK. For more information, see the archiving of billing documents (SD-BIL). Supporting documents assigned to the rebate agreement (for example. B orders, billing documents) should only be archived if the discount agreement in question has been pre-archived.

You can archive these documents in any order from the point of view of the next billing. A discount agreement for a promotion can only be archived if the action has been archived. Managing the exponential growth of data volumes in today`s information-intensive world is an ongoing challenge for any organization, including Accenture. Even though Accenture has continued to grow, our global IT organization can continue to meet the same service level agreements for the company as in the past. A cloud-based SAP data archiving approach allows Accenture to keep its SAP system instance in line with the ever-changing business needs and staff of more than 500,000 employees. Archive object SD_AGREEM for archiving agreements and associated terms for purchases and distribution.