Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Home Use Program

HUP When organizations purchase software licenses through Microsoft`s volume licensing program, they can add Insurance software to licenses. Sometimes Software Assurance (SA) is mandatory. SA offers some advantages to the organization. For Office products, one of the advantages was the Home Use Program, better known as HUP. The primary user of an organization equipment with an Office Professional Plus license with Software Assurance can use the same Office version on their home computer. The only thing this user had to do was accept Microsoft`s additional terms of use between the user and Microsoft and pay about $15 for media download. That`s all. The whole idea of HUP started when employees started working next to the office from home. With the Home Use Program, organizations have ensured that office applications used by home employees are authentic and safe. Impact If you have an agreement with Microsoft that contains Software Assurance on Office Professional Plus, you are not affected until the end of the validity of the SA subscription. In other words, if you renewed your SA – for example – in May 2019 in an open value or enterprise agreement (which runs every two or three years), you can use HUP until April 2022.

What you can`t do is include HUP in an agreement after July 1, 2019. As the Licensing School UK said recently in an article: « You can continue to purchase HUP licenses for Project and Visio, but licenses for Office products that are used at home are now covered by Office 365 home or personal subscriptions. » The Home Use Program is an employee purchase program for microsoft`s valued customers. It offers Microsoft 365 Family and personal – premium software – at a discounted price by your company. 1. Sign up: Visit the Microsoft Home Use Program. Enter your company email address. Click the « First Steps » button. 2. Confirm: If you qualify, an email with a link will be sent to your company email inbox, confirming your authorization for the program. 3. Connection: Once your authorization is confirmed and you sign up for the program with your personal Microsoft account linked to your personal email address, you can begin the purchase process by displaying the discounts available based on your privilege for the home use program. 4.

Shop: Your purchase is processed and finalized in the Microsoft Store. You, the eligible employee, can install Microsoft 365 on your personal devices once the purchase is complete. Once you`ve purchased Microsoft 365 Family, you can share your subscription for up to 5 additional members of your household. The Home Use Program helps your employees become more skilled and productive at home with Microsoft 365 – and increases employee satisfaction while reducing the needs and costs of IT help and training. Use the resources on the Home Use homepage to promote the program for your employees. You`ll find digital and printable flyers, a vocabulary for use in emails and newsletters, and instructions on how best to promote the Home Use Program. The Home Use Program helps your business maximize the return on its Microsoft investments. It reduces the need for software training and reduces IT support costs while contributing to increased staff productivity. Among the benefits of participating in the program: Microsoft has updated its Office Home Use program by removing the previous advantage of heavily reduced copies of office non-subscriber for home use by corporate customers.

Your IT administrators can also access embedded materials in multiple languages. Once you log into the Microsoft Store for businesses in the Microsoft Home Use Program section under embedded hardware for microsoft Home Use Program.